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I thank Jesus for an amazing art club,

a dream of crafting with kids has been a part of my life for years and just

so happy to follow my


Dream big and small,

you never know whose life you will change, including your own.

Create, Dream & Inspire!

My name is Sandy Lockhart, owner of this great art club!! The creativity and imaginations from the kids is a joy to see!
We have been creating for 5 years and loving it!

The Best Art/craft Classes for Kids
in Warman

It is a club for 6-12 year olds and the classes run during the school year!  

Ages 6-9  and ages 10-12 alternate Thursdays!!  Camps usually run during the breaks & watch for specialty classes.

Happy to have Laurie Peters join us as a helper/teacher this past year!

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Which age group are you joining?  A or B
Group A ages 6-9 or Group B ages 10-12

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